Cyber-Attacks: Companies are not prepared

Data protection and data security are closely linked. In companies, technical facilities cannot guarantee the security and protection of data alone. Equally important is the attitude and behaviour of the employees. A recent study by the German Insurance Association (GDV) provides cause for concern:

  • Employees are ill-prepared for the dangers from the network: Few training courses and a careless - the study even speaks of a negligent - handling of modern technology endanger data security and data protection.
  • The risk to entrepreneurs increases due to unprepared employees, because the entrepreneur remains responsible to those affected.
  • In general, the study finds that the smaller the company, the greater the safety deficiencies. And yet small and medium-sized enterprises are demanding that they be allowed to do without a data protection officer altogether.

The summary of the study can be viewed on the linked page.




David Bouck-Standen (M.Sc.)
Sen. IT-Consultant, NetAlive Ltd
Data Protection Expert

It is interesting, and at the same time worrying, that in companies, a careless data-handling does not go hand in hand with fears of potential abuse - until it is too late. Irrespective of legal requirements, everyone should be careful to use digital systems with care and the necessary reconsideration and caution. After all, digital data is the digital image of a company, enabling comprehensive insights. The presumption is that the topic of data protection has become a "red cloth" in the context of increasingly complex and confusing systems, which on the other hand are advertised as easy to use. In addition, resourceful and windy companies offer their services as data protection officers, but these tend to take place proforma on paper. In contrast, this is where the essential and well-founded advice of NetAlive IT consultants begins.

NetAlive Ltd offers specialized services under the heading GDPR. In doing so, we develop GDPR-compliant systems, processes and organizational structures for data handling with the customer. We also secure systems to detect and completely avoid potential data leaks prior to the occurrence. More information about our services can be found here.

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