With a keyboard: Android F(x)tec Pro1

Maybe you already experienced this: you just want to write an answer quickly, slip just a millimeter with your finger on the display and write complete nonsense. What is one's amusement is the other's torment. At IFA 2019, the Android device F(x)tec Pro1 was introduced to the company FX Technology Limited. In addition to comparatively great specifications, this one comes with a foldable keyboard. And that's practically for anyone who writes a little more with a haptic keyboard than on the display. The device is available for approx. GBP 650.

Picture: The Android-Device F(x)tec Pro1. (Source: FX Technology Limited)

The idea is not new: Back in 2008, HTC launched several models with a foldable keyboard, until the Windows Mobile smartphone operating system was finally uncontinued and Microsoft was replaced by the purchase of Nokia and the Lumia devices relied on a sales strategy with their own hardware - which ultimately led to the elimination of the Windows smartphones, which are popular in the business premium segment.

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