Cryptocurrency Monero hacked

As the operator of the cryptocurrency Monero announced, unknown people have managed to replace the Monero client with so-called malware. This was online for a short time, according to the operator for about 35 minutes. The malware was designed to attack its victims. The operator recommends that its users match the hash values of the installation files before installing them to prevent them from being malware. Instructions are available for this purpose.

The amount of financial damage caused by the attack is not yet foreseeable. It is also not yet known how the website was used in this way to spread the malware. Again and again, cryptocurrencies and programs that enable dealing with them are targets of attacks. It was only in May 2019 that it was announced that around 7000 bitcoins with the equivalent of around 36 million Euro had been stolen from the Binance crypto wallet.

Automatic translation.

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